A Thank You to Rocky

This semester I am undertaking to teach a twenty week course in Extensive reading. I am working under the mentoring of professor Rocky Nelson who has over fifteen years experience in both implementing and running Extensive Reading courses. Unfortunately Rocky will retire in December this year leaving a void at my university.

This blog is intended for me to keep a record for not only myself in the future but also any other teachers or students interested in developing or partaking in a solidly designed Extensive Reading course, especially for those in Korea. I will try to provide a weekly plan synopsis as I teach the classes and provide links to materials and other supplements.

I hope this site is useful for those that visit.

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I want to put at the top of this blog the new main Portal for Extensive Reading developed by Dr Robert Waring. Please click the link below.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Interview with Rocky Nelson

For those visiting this site now and in the future, Jeff Lebow interviews Rocky Nelson, the designer of our Extensive Reading Course and great collector of books and all materials needed for Extensive Reading.

Thanks Rocky for all your help and guidance in helping me teach Extensive Reading this semester. 

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